When the general public sees advertising, they are aware that someone has paid for both the creation of an ad that puts their product /service in the best possible light, as well as for it to appear.

Public relations professionals attempt to garner unpaid editorial that appears in print or broadcast and is seen as third party endorsement of a client’s product/service.

The fact that people are more likely to pay attention to editorial makes media relations an effective and relatively inexpensive method of getting the word out about your event to the consumers. Media relations is a primary means of creating this favourable publicity in a managed way in order to achieve recognizable results.     



When a client signs with DS Publicity Group, they are signing with a knowledgeable media relations consultancy. We have the motivation and the experience for developing and implementing successful and professional communications programs.

The contacts that we have built over the years mean that we can create targeted media lists without wasting resources on unsuitable outlets. Our talent for writing allows us to create a variety of pieces from media releases to newsletters. Our small size allows us a personalized touch, giving us the ability to work with clients to meet their objectives.

Keeping in mind the ever changing world of media and its move towards instantaneous accessibility to information on the Internet, we also target websites of mainstream media to encourage the most coverage for our clients.

Although we mostly specialize in trade and consumer shows we also cover communications for non-show related clients.



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